A Solar powered winery on the Greek island of Sikinos

A remote winery on the island of Sikinos in Greece has more than a spectacular view.  It has solar panels on the roof and battery storage along with the expected large stainless steel wine vats.  Across the world, it seems to be happening more and more.  Away from the grid, it’s economic to be self sufficient. (Feedback Reigns)

The winery is a 2.5 kilometres away from the main village, perched high over its terraced vineyard with views of steep island peaks, a tiny church on one peak, and hidden in a valley, an ancient Roman temple which became a church.  The wine-dark seas of Odysseus are spread in front of you, with other islands dotting the broad sweeping horizon.  You can walk the old foot paths of Sikinos and mostly the ancient terraces are crumbling, but at the winery the vines are thriving – on the moisture from the morning mists.  (Feedback Reigns)

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