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This evidence fits together

Image of convergence: A red arrow and five blue arrows meet point to point

Notice how this evidence fits together.  For example, it makes sense that both “global temperatures are increasing” and “Arctic ice is decreasing”. Both of these findings are consistent with global warming. It is the convergence of evidence like this that leads to scientific confidence.

Evidence: Humans are causing climate change.

Evidence: The climate is changing.

Sea Levels are rising.

The graph of sea levels from 1993 to 2014 shows a clear upward trend.

NASA says sea level is the yardstick of global warming.  The rise in sea level rise indicates that our planet is warming.

Mass coral bleaching is now common

Two maps showing where the Great Barrier Reef bleached in 2016 and 2017

Nearly one-third of the Australian Great Barrier Reef died after a marine heat wave and bleaching in 2016. And there was another mass bleaching in 2017.

Global average air temperatures keep breaking records.

Graph: Global Temperatures with trend line: 1880 - 2015 (NOAA)

Carbon dioxide levels are rocketing.

Graph: Carbon dioxide levels over past 400,000 years. Since 1950 levels have rocketed.

Temperature and carbon dioxide move together.

Graph: Temperature and CO2 Levels have moved together for 800,000 years

They have moved together for 800,000 years.

Arctic sea ice is decreasing.

Graph: The Average September Area of Arctic Ice: 1979 - 2013

Antarctic ice is decreasing.

Graph: Antarctica Ice Decline: 2002 - 2013

Greenland ice is decreasing.

Graph: Greenland Ice Decline: 2002 - 2013

Ocean acidity is increasing.

Graph: CO2 and Sea-water pH Levels: 1958 - 2009

Ocean surface waters are warming.

Average Global Sea Surface Temperature: 1880 - 2015

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