How you can push for climate action

A singing demonstation: Warm is not cool

Find your own way to push for urgent action to limit climate change.

For too long vested interests have been able to stall action to limit climate change. Now we are facing a climate emergency. It is time for each of us to consider what we can do to push for urgent action on climate. (Here’s an amusing song on becoming an “agent of change“.)

Here are some possibilities:

  • Get informed
  • Talk to friends and family about climate action
  • Go to a demonstration. There are many different sorts of demonstration. Warm is not Cool in 2016 was focused on entertaining people.
  • Attend a meeting
  • Sign a petition
  • Write to your members of parliament or visit them
  • Write to your city councillors
  • Vote for people who will take action on climate. 
  • Join organizations that are pushing for climate action
  • Donate
  • Subscribe to newsletters supporting climate action
  • Volunteer
  • Make your own home more energy-efficient.
  • Eat less beef
  • Walk and cycle more. Fly less.

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