Climate Action Slogans

Banner: Australia: Renewable energy superpower

Here’s a brainstorm of climate action banner slogans.

Most are about “a vision for Australia” and “progress towards this vision”. There are already enough frightening slogans promoting “the dangers of climate change”.

Promote a vision

Australia = Renewable Energy Superpower

( Australia’s progress towards being a Renewable Energy Superpower )

700% Renewables & Export Clean Power

200% renewables better for Australia than 100% (Renew Economy)
Australia could aim for 700% renewables (Renew Economy)

A Low-Carbon Investment Recovery = A Million Jobs

(The Million Jobs Plan: Investing in a low carbon economy: Beyond Zero Emissions: 2020)

  • Re-industrialise with renewables
  • 700% Renewables = Cheap Electricity + Exports + Jobs
  • 700% Renewables = Booming Australian Economy
  • Export green hydrogen to replace diesel in Asia
  • Renewables = Drought-proof agriculture
  • Renewables = Super-cheap electricity
  • Renewables = cheap, reliable, no-emissions power
  • A zero-carbon Australian economy
  • A carbon-drawdown Australian economy
  • Stop worrying about 20% renewables; 700% is the answer.
Banner: Join the renewables gold rush

Promote progress

Grid briefly over 50% wind & solar:
Noon 6 Nov 2019

(Australia’s main grid reached 50% renewables for the first time: Renew Economy: 6 Nov 2019)

See Progress towards the renewables revolution in Australia.

Promote plans

Export green hydrogen to Asia, not coal

Hydrogen gains ground on LNG as an alternative fuel (The Guardian: 8 Apr 2019)
Japan’s hydrogen future may be fuelled by Australian renewables (Australian Renewable Energy Agency: 27 July 2019)

  • Go all-electric now. 100% renewables here soon.

Promote the benefits of action

Build renewables & Avoid oil wars with all their costs

(If the world ran on sun, it wouldn’t fight over oil: The Guardian: 18 Sep 2019)

  • Renewables use no water. Way to go in a dry land.
  • 700% Renewables = Super Reliable Electricity
  • Renewable energy generates jobs
  • Export Renewable Energy for Jobs & Wealth
  • Use all Renewables to Escape Oil Wars

Renewables = super cheap power

Australia glows orange.
We have outstanding
sun and wind.

Renewables are the cheapest & safest.
Why the resistance?

We’ve got great technology.
Slash emissions now.

(We don’t need miracle technologies to slash emissions, we already have 95%: The Hill: 5 May 2021)

ACT hits 100% renewables & saves millions

(Australian Capital Territory Reaches 100% Renewables: Renew Economy: 1 Oct 2019)

Businesses are slashing costs via renewables contracts

(Gupta’s stunning deal to supply cheap solar to South Australian industry: Renew Economy: 8 June 2018)

More Renewables = Lower Electricity Bills

The verdict is in. Renewables reduce energy prices: The Conversation: 6 Dec 2018

Renewable Hydrogen Export = Cheap Electricity

Renewable hydrogen could deliver export markets for renewables and cheaper electricity (Renew Economy: 11 Oct 2019)

See separate page on Renewable energy is cheap and getting cheaper fast

Renewables = Drought proof agriculture

Solar power + Desert + Desalination = Sundrop tomatoes

(Sundrop Farms, near Port Augusta, South Australia)

Re-industrialise with Renewables

Banner: Industrialise with renewables

Australia doesn’t make cars now. Our oil refineries are shutting. We’re losing so many skilled jobs that soon, the only thing we will be able to make is coffee. We need to “Re-industrialise with renewables”. Cheap, clean power can save energy-intensive industries and attract more.

Renewables = Whyalla Steelworks world-scale expansion

See above article

German steel furnace uses hydrogen not coal

German Steel furnace runs on hydrogen not coal (Renew Economy: 13 Nov 2019)

Our Iron-ore + Solar Power = Steel Exports + Jobs

Instead of exporting our iron ore, we can use our cheap energy to make steel here & create skilled jobs. We can export the steel, including of course the energy used to make the steel. It’s an efficient way of exporting renewable energy.

Alcoa wants clean power for Portland smelter

Australia’s aluminium sector is on life support. It can & should be saved (The Guardian: 31 Oct 2019)

Symbiosis: Renewables (cheap, clean power) & Aluminium smelting (flexible demand)

Aluminium needs cheap and clean power. And renewable energy needs large energy users, like the newest aluminium smelters, so we can pay them to use less during a power shortage. This reduces the need for power storage. (See above article)

Export clean power and products

Export electricity to Singapore via cable

The $20 billion plan to power Singapore with Australian solar (The Guardian: 14 July 2019)

  • Export Our Solar Power by Exporting Aluminium
  • (It takes lots of energy to make aluminium, so when we export the aluminium, we export this energy.)
  • Our Bauxite + Renewables = Jobs + Aluminium Exports.
  • Make aluminium & steel our greatest exports
  • Australian green hydrogen to replace diesel in Asia

Big Batteries are kicking goals

Photo: A banner saying "The big tesla battery turns me on"

Tesla battery kept lights on in South Australia: NSW blackout: 25 Aug 2018:

(The big battery is no big banana: Renew Economy: 27 Aug 2018)

Tesla big battery saved consumers over $50 million in the first year

(The big battery is no big banana: Renew Economy: 27 Aug 2018)

The Big Hornsdale / Tesla Battery Turns Me On

(Hornsdale Power Reserve, South Australia)

Coal dangers

We can forecast winds & sun, but not coal plant failure. Coal is the biggest risk.

AEMO worries about our aging coal generators and summer heat (Renew Economy: 22 Aug 2019)

Coal = expensive, dirty power = de-industrialised Australia

Electrify Industry

  • Electrify Industry. Ditch coal and gas.
  • Electrified Beer is cheaper.
  • Make beer with heat pumps. Save 69% energy
  • Electricity heats better and cheaper
  • Make steel using hydrogen, not coal
  • Make milk powder using heat pumps (Energy-saving 66%)
  • Make bricks with microwaves (Energy saving 50%)

(Electrifying Industry Report: Beyond Zero Emissions, 2018)

Electric Vehicles

  • Electric buses don’t fumigate people
  • Electric buses = No diesel fumes
  • Electric buses: The cyclists’ dream
  • My next car will be an EV. Cheap to run. Few moving parts.
  • EVs will skittle oil wars.
  • EVs will slash my fuel bill & the nation’s import bill.

(Electric Vehicles Report: Beyond Zero Emissions: 2016: Out of print)


  • Concrete = 8% of emissions. Use low-emissions concrete
  • Put recycled-glass into cement
  • Put recycled-plastic into cement
  • Make cement from dumped coal fly-ash
  • Make cement without emissions.
  • Don’t cook the planet. Use geopolymer cement.

(Rethinking Cement: Beyond Zero Emissions: 2017)

Land Use

  • Plant forests to draw down CO2
  • Add biochar to keep carbon in the soil

(Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry: Beyond Zero Emissions: 2014: Out of print)

Reducing the costs of climate action

When private-industry begins to take up what have been plans for climate action, it is clear that the plans offer profit. It suggests the costs are worthwhile.

  • Renewables Revolution = Great Opportunity

Some jobs will be lost in the transition, an enormous cost for some, so we need to push for a just transition.

  • A Just Transition is a Must

Fund/Negotiate a Fair Transition away from coal

(How to transition from coal: Four lessons for Australia: The Conversation: 15 May 2019))

Diversify the economy of coal regions

(How to transition from coal: Four lessons for Australia: The Conversation: 15 May 2019))

Promote democratic government

A related vision is for Australia to have a “democratic government”.

The federal coalition keeps considering new coal and nuclear generators while demonising renewables. This is strange as companies are moving to renewable energy because renewables give cheap, clean electricity – and the cost of renewables keeps on tumbling. The government is not making decisions based on climate science, and it seems that they are not even making rational economic decisions. One possibility is that they are making decisions that favour donors and powerful interest groups.

  • Govern for all, not for the few
  • Democracy not Oligarchy
  • Public disclosure of donations within a month

Renewables are cheap.
Coalition backs coal.
Corruption commission?

The Senate has passed the Greens bill to create a federal anti-corruption commission, but the Coalition will block the bill. Senate passes the Greens bill to create federal ICAC (The Guardian: 9 Sep 2019)

Climate dangers

Firms ignoring climate will go bankrupt: Bank of England

The Guardian: 13 Oct 2019

  • Fear in the age of fire and flood
  • Climate Denial = Climate Refugees = Start the boats
  • Annual heat records are melting down
  • Act now or burn later
  • Respect Existence or Expect Resistance

Updated 3 Mar 2021