Put climate solutions onto banners

Photo: A banner saying "The big tesla battery turns me on"

We do have good news, like the Tesla battery in South Australia. Let’s turn these positives into slogans and paint them on our banners.

  • We have many beginnings of the zero-carbon revolution. Our banners can support these green-shoots.
  • We also have well-researched plans to limit climate change, from organizations like Beyond Zero Emissions. Our banners can advocate for these solutions.

Let’s forge these into slogans, paint them onto placards, and weave them into reports and newsletters. Let’s get these slogans onto the streets, and into minds.

People can more easily warm to hopeful directions. People need some light, not just a tunnel. So, let’s use some slogans that say what to do, rather than what to stop. People need to know that their house is on fire AND that a fire-brigade exists and the brigade phone number.

The perverse nature of negative slogans is that they can encourage anger, despair, withdrawal, and denial, both in the people who see them, and in the people who create them.

Banner Slogans

Here are some possible slogans for banners. Some of the slogans are followed by supporting information in small font, that’s for your information, not for the banner.

Australia = Renewable Energy Superpower

Renewable Energy Superpower Report (Beyond Zero Emissions, 2015)

Australia glows orange.
We have outstanding
sun and wind.

700% Renewables & Export Clean Power

700% renewables better for Australia than 100% (Renew Economy)
Australia could aim for 700% renewables (Renew Economy)

ACT hits 100% renewables & saves millions

Australian Capital Territory Reaches 100% Renewables (Renew Economy: 1 Oct 2019)

More Renewables = Lower Electricity Bills

The verdict is in. Renewables reduce energy prices: The Conversation: 6 Dec 2018

Our Iron-ore + Sun = Jobs + Steel Exports

Instead of exporting our iron ore, we can use our low cost energy to make steel here & create skilled jobs. We can export the steel, including of course the energy used to make the steel. It’s another way of exporting renewable energy.

Go All Electric Now.
100% Renewables Here Soon

Here are some more slogans, now as dot points.

  • Our Bauxite + Sun = Jobs + Aluminium Exports.
  • Export Our Solar Power by Exporting Aluminium & Hydrogen
  • Renewables = Our Greatest Opportunity
  • 700% Renewables = Very Reliable Electricity
  • Export Renewable Energy for Jobs & Wealth
  • Use Renewables & Dodge Oil Wars

Promote the green-shoots of the zero-carbon revolution

The Big Hornsdale/Tesla Battery Turns Me On

(Hornsdale Power Reserve, South Australia)

Solar power + Barren land + Desalination = Sundrop tomatoes

(Sundrop Farms, near Port Augusta, South Australia)

There are some more of these in the renewables revolution in Australia.

Electrify Industry

  • Electrify Industry. Ditch coal and gas.
  • Electrified Beer is cheaper.
  • Make beer with heat pumps. Save 69% energy
  • Electricity heats better and cheaper
  • Make steel using hydrogen, not coal
  • Make milk powder using heat pumps (Energy-saving 66%)
  • Make bricks with microwaves (Energy saving 50%)

Electrifying Industry Report
(Beyond Zero Emissions, 2018)

Electric Vehicles

  • Electric buses don’t fumigate people
  • Electric buses = No diesel fumes
  • My next car will be an EV. Cheap to run. Few moving parts.
  • EVs will run over oil wars.
  • EVs will slash our imported fuel bills.

Electric Vehicles Report
(Beyond Zero Emissions, 2016)

Rethink cement: 8% of world emissions

  • Get coal ash, recycled glass, and recycled plastic into cement
  • Make cement from dumped coal fly-ash
  • Make cement without emissions.
  • Concrete = 8% of emissions. Use low-emissions concrete
  • Build with geopolymer cement
  • Don’t cook the planet. Use geopolymer cement

Rethinking Cement
(Beyond Zero Emissions: 2017)

Land Use

  • Plant trees to draw down CO2
  • Add biochar to keep carbon in soils

Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry
(Beyond Zero Emissions: 2014)

Federal anti-corruption commission

The Senate has passed the Greens bill to create a federal anti-corruption commission, but the Coalition will block the bill.
Senate passes the Greens bill to create federal ICAC
(The Guardian: 9 Sep 2019)

Companies are flocking to renewable energy because renewables with storage give cheap electricity, and still the federal coalition demonises renewables and effective climate action. Strange.

Renewables are cheap.
Coalition backs coal.
Corruption commission?

Other slogans

  • Denial = Climate Change Refugees = Start the boats
  • Denial is not a policy
  • Get Vegetarian-ish

Slogans warning of a dire future

Our hotter climate is frightening, but promoting fear and despair can lead people to repress or deny the fears, and the warnings of climate scientists. That’s slogans like:

  • Suicide bus: Off the cliff we go
  • If I wanted a waterbed, I’d order it myself
  • There is no planet B
  • Greed will be the death of the earth

Promoting ways of limiting climate change is better.

Slogans saying what not to do

Telling people to stop things, often alienates people who depend on those things, or habitually use those things. That’s slogans like:

  • No fracking
  • Stop Adani
  • Slash emissions now.

These things need to happen, but applauding the green-shoots of the renewables revolution would be better. Instil hope and direction to achieve action.

Updated 14 October 2019