An Australian farmhouse encircled by flood waters 2014

There are many dangers emerging from climate change. 

The biggest risk of the current global warming is that there are many ways in which warming can cause more warming, which causes more warming, and so on.  

There are also dangers associated with:

So much change threatens the stability which maintains the web of life and supports life as we know it. It threatens to exacerbate human difficulties and create chaos for the 7.6 billion people on the planet.

Consider a 3 C increase in temperature

If rapid action does not occur the planet is headed for a temperature increase of 3 C about pre-industrial times – and more. We do not know where the Earth’s tipping points are, but this could easily be passed one of these tipping points. It would kick off the transition to a different planet and the extinction of a large proportion of all species on the planet. During the Pliocene, the temperature of the planet was about 3 C higher than our pre-industrial temperatures. The seas were 25 metres higher over a period of three million years.

What would 3 degrees mean
Climate Code Red: Sep 2010

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