Australian competitive advantages

Map: Global distribution of combined wind and solar generation potential

Australia’s wind, solar, and mineral resources

Australia glows orange on this map showing that we have outstanding winds and sun.

The map shows the world’s varying potential to generate electricity from winds and the sun:

  • Australia has a high potential generation.
  • Most of Europe, Canada & the northern USA is blue because they have low potential.
  • The areas with stripes are economically undeveloped nations, so, a lot of Africa is striped.

Australia also has vast mineral deposits.

These are enduring advantages that mean that Australia can benefit from the renewable energy revolution.

One factor behind Australia’s renewable energy potential is that Australia gets stronger sun than most developed countries.

Australia’s competitive advantages

Australia’s competitive advantages are:

  • outstanding solar and wind resources,
  • abundant mineral resources:
    • lithium and cobalt to make batteries,
    • iron ore for making steel, and
    • bauxite for making aluminium,
  • vast areas of cheap, suitable land,
  • a widespread electric grid,
  • a skilled workforce and industry sector,
  • capable research organisations,
  • proximity to Asian markets like Indonesia, China, India, and Japan, and
  • a secure, stable society.

Cheap electricity will grow in importance

Electricity use will expand, becoming the primary energy source for homes, industries, and transport. This expansion will make international differences in power prices more valuable and favour countries with quality renewable energy sources, like Australia.

(Reference & source of the above world map: Australia a renewable energy superpower: Beyond Zero Emissions Research Report: 2015):

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Updated 24 Feb 2020