Wind turbines over solar panels

Australia can become a renewable energy superpower.

The need to slash carbon emissions is an opportunity for Australia because we have exceptional renewable energy resources and minerals. We can grasp this opportunity by responding fully to the climate emergency, gaining lower electricity prices, reliable electricity, reduced emissions, and more jobs, security and prosperity. See Australia: a renewable energy superpower.

Plans for a zero carbon Australia

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is a think tank focusing on climate change solutions. They have produced plans for rapidly moving Australia to zero carbon emissions, including plans for each major emitting sector of the Australian economy. See the BZE Plans for a zero-carbon Australia.

Mobilise for the climate emergency

We can avoid irreversible, dangerous climate change, but only if we do everything, and we do it immediately. We face a climate emergency and need to respond as if we were at war, like in World war Two. See Mobilise for the climate emergency.

How you can push for climate action

Find your own ways to push for climate action to limit climate change.

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