The renewable energy gold rush

Climate Change: Evidence, Dangers, Feedbacks, Solutions, & Australia’s progress.

Australia’s progress towards renewable energy superpower

Map: Global distribution of combined wind and solar generation potential

Australia glows orange on this map because we have outstanding winds and sun. We also have vast mineral deposits.

These fantastic resources are basically why Australia’s companies and states are investing in renewable energy at speed, at such a pace that it seems that a renewable energy gold rush is on, and Australia is becoming a renewable energy superpower.

This website highlights what we have already achieved, our progress toward the superpower vision. It is critical information.

Using the superpower vision and our progress

The vision and progress can counter extreme claims about this transition, like claiming that the transition will lead to a recession, as our progress shows the opposite. For example, South Australia now produces 60% of its electricity from wind and sun and has:

  • reduced wholesale electricity prices from the highest of the states to the lowest,
  • increased reliability,
  • decreased emissions,
  • saved 1,200 jobs by keeping Whyalla steelworks open, and
  • begun work on eventually producing zero-emissions steel.

The vision and progress can also motivate and excite people because it:

  • offers an attainable, attractive future, and
  • contributes to global attempts to limit climate change.

More detail on using the superpower vision and our progress

Do read about this progress.

Australia’s progress towards renewable energy superpower

Vicious heating feedback cycles

A cycle: Heating reduces phytoplankton which increases heating.

In this cycle, heating reduces the phytoplankton population, which increases heating. These sorts of vicious feedback cycles of “heating leading to more heating” could end life as we know it on our planet.

The critical danger: amplifying feedback cycles.

The feedback cycle of progress leading to more progress

More confidence in a vision———->More effort to reach the vision
.More progress towards the vision.

Fortunately, there is also a virtuous feedback cycle that we can foster:

  • more confidence in a vision tends to increase efforts to reach the vision,
  • more effort tend to increase progress towards the vision, and
  • more progress towards the vision tends to increase confidence in the vision, forming a virtuous feedback cycle.

We have the technology to act on climate and need the will to act. Promoting our vision and progress can develop this motivation. People like to be in a team that’s kicking goals.

The name “Feedback reigns”

These feedback cycles are causal processes that can escalate or limit the heating of our climate system. Feedback is key to understanding many systems, which led me to this website’s name, “Feedback reigns”.

A talk on Australia’s progress

The progress presented here has excited people who’ve been discouraged or tuned out of the forever climate wars.

You can request a presentation on Australia’s progress towards the superpower vision.

Slogans presenting vision and progress

Photo: A banner saying "The big tesla battery turns me on"

A brainstorm of slogans for promoting climate action.


Graph: Carbon dioxide levels over the past 400,000 years. Since 1950 levels have rocketed.

Evidence of human-caused climate change.


Image of convergence: A red arrow and five blue arrows meet point to point

Convergence: The Basis for Scientific Confidence.


Europe's biggest solar farm opens in France

Solutions to climate change.

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Updated 3 March 2021

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  1. Thank you for this useful compilation of information – VERY useful to have on hand if one is having a debate with a denier of climate change
    Pat Phair


  2. This is brilliant Andrew, love the positive slogans. I do think they are the way to go. Undermines a lot of the antagonistic stance. Perhaps instead of ‘stop Adani’ type comments, there could be calls for a transition program to help fossil fuel employees. That might bring more folk on board.


  3. This is a simply brilliant coverage of the issue Andrew, and so straightforward & accessible. It provides a wonderful reference for discussions and helps us remain positive, despite the difficulties we are all facing as the climate warms. Thanks you so much for putting this together and keeping it updated.


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