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Climate change

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An economic argument for Australia rapidly expanding renewables.

Map: Global distribution of combined wind and solar generation potential

Australia stands out, glowing orange on this world map of “wind and solar generation potential”. We have abundant, top-quality renewable energy and more. Australia should rapidly expand renewable energy generation and export renewables into Asia because Australia can become a renewable energy superpower.

The global energy transition is a gargantuan global wealth-generating opportunity. It’s an opportunity for Australia to grasp a more prosperous future, with secure jobs and cheap, reliable electricity.

Private industry is already providing the green-shoots of this transformation, despite the Coalition government demonizing renewables.

See more about Australia as a renewable energy superpower.

The great energy disruption

We have seen disruptive technology before, like the moves to digital pictures and mobile phones. We are now in the middle of another much larger disruption. The continuing exponential fall in the costs of solar panels and battery storage is just part of this. Economics alone is driving this disruption, not environmental concerns.

See The Clean Disruption of Energy & Transportation: Tony Seba: 2017
This is a must-see video – 1 hour.

It is this revolution that is opening a window of opportunity for Australia, the opportunity to become a renewable energy superpower.

Solutions to Climate Change

Graph: Carbon dioxide levels over past 400,000 years. Since 1950 levels have rocketed.

The level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is sky-rocketing. This is the cause of our current climate emergency. To limit climate change, we need to rapidly reduce this carbon dioxide level and the levels of other greenhouse gasses like methane. The technology is ready. We can do this.

See more about solutions to climate change.

Scientific consensus on climate change

Hazelwood coal-fired power station: Victoria Australia

We need to reduce emissions because we are experiencing “human-caused climate change”. The evidence is overwhelming. The scientific consensus is that humans have burned vast amounts of fossil fuel and forest, leading to:
. sky-rocketing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere,
. global warming, and
. climate change.

Evidence of human-caused climate change

See what has happened to key measures of the health of our planet. Together they provide firm evidence that humans are causing the current climate change.

Graph: Carbon dioxide levels over past 400,000 years. Since 1950 levels have rocketed.

For example, the above orange line shows the movement of carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere over the last 400,000 years. On the right, you can see how the carbon dioxide level has sky-rocketed during our industrial age.

See more evidence of human-caused climate change.

Convergence: The Basis for Scientific Confidence

Image of convergence: A red arrow and five blue arrows meet point to point

Scientists are certain that we are experiencing human-caused climate change because many independent lines of research converge on this conclusion.

See more about Convergence.

The dangers posed by climate change.

Head in the sand. Blind to the ocean.

See The dangers posed by climate change.

The critical danger: Amplifying feedbacks

a cycle of warming reducing phytoplankton which increases warming

The critical danger is that the current global warming could kick off a vicious cycle of escalating temperature, with warming causing more warming, and this warming causing more warming, and so on.

See more about the critical danger: amplifying feedbacks.

Climate Change: The Facts

Climate scientists explain the impact of climate change on humans and the natural world. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough for the BBC.
Climate change: The Facts: ABC TV programs: 57 minutes

Take Action

Find your own way to take action pushing for action to limit climate change.


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