Australia: Renewable energy superpower

Map: Global distribution of combined wind and solar generation potential


Australia glows orange on this map, showing that we have outstanding wind and sun resources compared to most developed countries. And we have abundant minerals, like iron ore and lithium. So, Australia can act on climate and become a renewable energy superpower. Wins for our climate, industry, jobs, and prosperity. See Australia: A Renewable Energy Superpower

Image Source: The global map of wind and solar potential is from the “Beyond Zero Emissions” 2015 publication “Zero Carbon Australia: Renewable Energy Superpower”.

The critical danger: Heat amplifying feedback cycles

The hotter our planet gets, the hotter it will get.

Burning fossil fuels has set in train planetary processes which are amplifying the current heating. For example, global heating is melting permafrost, which is releasing methane, which is increasing global heating.

More global heatingMore melting of ice containing methane
More greenhouse gassesMore methane in the air

These vicious heating feedback cycles could end life as we know it, so we need urgent climate action.

See The Critical Danger: amplifying feedback cycles.

The inefficiency of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is inefficient for many applications. For example, battery electric cars are more efficient than hydrogen cars, a car powered by green hydrogen uses about 2.3 times more renewable electricity than a car with a lithium-ion battery. We need to be wary of the current excitement about hydrogen.

See Inefficient use of hydrogen.

Climate change evidence

Graph: Carbon dioxide levels over the past 400,000 years. Since 1950 levels have rocketed.


See Evidence of human-caused climate change.

Convergence: The basis for scientific confidence

Image of convergence: A red arrow and five blue arrows meet point to point


See Convergence: The Basis for Scientific Confidence.

Site Purpose

I have urged climate action on this website since 2009.

I also present “amplifying feedback” as a process that can help us understand climate change and human problems like addictions. Amplifying feedback cycles are driving change all around us; and this led to my website’s name, “Feedback Reigns”.

Site Author: Andrew Gunner

See My background.

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Updated: 3 July 2024

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  1. Thank you for this useful compilation of information – VERY useful to have on hand if one is having a debate with a denier of climate change
    Pat Phair


  2. This is brilliant Andrew, love the positive slogans. I do think they are the way to go. Undermines a lot of the antagonistic stance. Perhaps instead of ‘stop Adani’ type comments, there could be calls for a transition program to help fossil fuel employees. That might bring more folk on board.


  3. This is a simply brilliant coverage of the issue Andrew, and so straightforward & accessible. It provides a wonderful reference for discussions and helps us remain positive, despite the difficulties we are all facing as the climate warms. Thanks you so much for putting this together and keeping it updated.


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