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Flooded Farm: Australia
Flooded Farm: Australia: Feb 2012

Storm Warning: Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change

More violent and frequent storms, once merely a prediction of climate models, are now a matter of observation. … Rising temperatures change weather and produce fiercer, more frequent storms. … Extreme floods, prolonged droughts, searing heat waves, massive rainstorms and the like don’t just seem like they’ve become the new normal in the last few years—they have become more common, according to data collected by reinsurance company Munich Re. … Extreme weather events have become both more common and more intense. And increasingly, scientists have been able to pin at least part of the blame on humankind’s alteration of the climate. …. and the future will be even more extreme.

(This was from Scientific American – now a broken link)

The President Obama White House stated

“Due to climate change the weather is getting more extreme … temperatures are rising leading to record high temperatures … droughts, wildfires and floods are all more frequent and intense …. climate and weather disasters in 2012 alone cost the American economy more than $100 billion … carbon pollution is the biggest driver of climate change. The White House is acting to cut emissions and preparing to protect the nation from the impacts of climate change, [e.g. ensuring that hospitals can run despite flooding and supporting farmers deal with climate change].”

US White House: Climate Change


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