Warm is Not Cool: A Musical Protest


Musical Protests Against Inaction on Global Warming: 2016 & 2019.


Stephen Taberner organised this protest.

(As you might already be able to tell, on this page I have used lots of “dirty funky” words from Stephen’s event promotion.)

Our long-awaited first public outing was on Sunday 19 June 2016.

A marvellous experiment in public protest, inspired by the New Orleans brass bands, the English football crowds, and the Brazilian samba.  We brought our delicious hybrid to the streets.

It was highly enjoyable, highly effective and downright dead, dirty funky. The three contingents of voice, horns and drums intersected in every cool way possible as we protested the woeful lack of attention in these election weeks to the elephant in the policy room: CLIMATE CHANGE.

To get people started, we rehearsed in public on the steps outside the Victorian State Library.  Here we are, learning and brushing up on our songs, chants, and grooves.

Video 1: (1) watcha gonna do (2) Warm is not cool

After the warm-up,  we strutted our stuff at the old shot tower in the Melbourne Central Arcade.  (Sorry, you may need to be on Facebook to see the next two links.)

Video 2: (1) warm is not cool (2) watcha gonna do


Video 3: (1) warm is not cool (No longer available: 9/8/2023)

Later we were in the Melbourne City Square

Video 4: (1) warm is not cool (2) Whatcha gonna do

Then we did our thing in Federation Square.
And then called it a day.

Warm is not Cool: The Sequel: 26 June 2016:

Video 5: In Melbourne Central again: (1) Warm is Not Cool (2) Whatcha Gonna Do.

“Vote the Bastards Out” 2019

We sang this in the streets prior to the 2019 election – to no avail.

Vote the bastards out: Spooky Men’s Chorale

The songs and chants: Lyrics and tunes

Not too many words.  Lots of repetition, harmony and jive.

(The lyrics and tunes are no longer where they were on the web. 9/8/2023)

****** Song: Warm is not cool

You can hear this on the sound cloud links and videos

Warm’s not cool

Warm is not cool
Warm is not
Warm is not
Is not

Yo de aye
Warm is not cool

Did you know that’s the case so
We got to fix up this place

We don’t want to mess up the future

***** Song :  A message to you Turnbull

You can hear this on the sound cloud links and videos

Stop your messing around
Better think of our future
Time to straighten right out
This problem in town

Turnbull, a message to you Turnbull
, a message to you Turnbull
, a message to you Turnbull
, a message to you Turnbull

22 percent of the reef is gone
Turn the coal off.  Turn the solar on

***** Song 3: Malcolm

You can hear this on the sound cloud links and videos.
Each part: bass, mid and top is separate on sound cloud.

Malcolm Turnbull’s got a very nice face
So let’s find him a lovely job in another place

***** Whatcha gonna do:  Call and Response Chant

Whatcha gonna do                  What
When the world gets hot      What
Whatcha going to do               Whatcha going to do
What                                                  When the world gets hot
What                                                  Whatcha going to do

Then Repeat

Try this chant while listening to the above video of us outside the State Library.

***** Chant: Coal Don’t Dig it

Coal don’t dig it
Leave it in the ground
You’ve gotta get with it


Stephen Taberner taught us these songs and chants

He knows how to work a group!
Here he is leading the Spooky Men’s Choir at a folk festival in Shrewsbury, England.  Good song.  You might even laugh.

Another top song

We Are Not a Men’s Group – The Spooky Men’s Chorale

Andrew Gunner

4 Replies to “Warm is Not Cool: A Musical Protest”

  1. Marguerite Marshall July 1, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Love it. Thank you! There should be a lot of this to enter our psyche.


  2. Jane Merry Fisher December 3, 2016 at 6:32 am

    Can I buy the score to ‘Warm Is Not Cool’. I want to do it with my community.



    1. Hello Jane
      What a great idea.
      I forwarded your request to Steve Taberner.
      He organised our musical demo
      Some of our audience danced to our music – one of the most positive responses to a demo.
      Andrew G


    2. Hi Jane
      After all this time i”m still wondering if you got to perform “warm is not cool”


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