Gulf of Carpentaria mangroves suffer 7,000 hectare dieback

A 700 kilometre stretch of mangrove shoreline in the southern reaches of the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia has died, sparking fears of deeper implications for the ecosystem.

The dieback encompasses about 7,000 hectares of land and was the result of the El Nino conditions that affected the region during the warmer months.  It’s sparking fears of far reaching repercussions.   … We know from the remote sensing we have in the area that the dieback occurred late November, December  2015.  … That was the end of an unusually long dry period, that is probably the major contributing factor, the change of climate such that there was virtually no wet season last year. … It’s been so severe in many locations that the whole of the shoreline fringe of mangrove has been killed or at least defoliated.

The Age: 9 July 2016: Drew Creighton

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