Electric aeroplanes

Aviation emissions are soaring

Aviation emissions are soaring and putting our future in jeopardy. Note that the Paris Climate Agreement does not cover these emissions.

(The elephant in the sky: the hazards of aviation emissions and how we can avoid them: Mark Carter: Aug 2018)

The number of types of electric powered planes is increasing.

Alice: an all electric plane

The electric plane called “Alice” looks beautiful. It has three propellers, one at the back of the plane, and one behind each wing tip. See the photo on the hyperlink. It will have:

  • Capacity for 9 passengers,
  • A range of up to 1,000 km (650 miles),
  • Cruise speed 240 knots
  • Maintenance costs of about $60 per flight hour – about 30% of the current $200 per flight hour.
  • Fuel costs  of $90 per flight hour – about 30 % of the current $300 per flight hour
  • Little noise
  • Debut at Paris Air show in June 2019

Norway turns to electric flight

A Norwegian aviation group has ordered 60 all-electric eFlyer2 planes, built by Colorado-based Bye Aerospace, with the intention of training a future generation of pilots in electric flight.

Norway aviation firm orders 60 electric planes tipped to be “Tesla” of flight
The Driven: April 2019

Norway aims for all short-haul flights to be 100% electric by 2040
The Guardian 18 Jan 2018

Battery Weight

The critical factor limiting electric planes is weight. Jet fuel contains about 30 times more energy per kilogram than current batteries.

Electric planes are here but they won’t solve flying’s emissions problem
(The Conversation: 6 Nov 2019)

Updated 8 Nov 2019