Evaluate Solar Panels

This page has moved – to another Evaluate Solar Panels page on this same website.

I moved the page as I am having technical problems with this page.

Updated 8/4/2021

3 Replies to “Evaluate Solar Panels”

  1. Really interesting to see the solar panel economics in black & white. Thanks Andrew

    Regards Liz

  2. 22% seems a very low assumption for self consumption.
    May well be right for you but not representative of the levels most commonly experienced.

    To give an example of perhaps the other extreme I consumed 82% of my solar generation over the last 8 months since installation.
    4kW system (limited by roof shape)
    3.181MWh generated
    548.488kWh exported
    12.833MWh consumed (big pool, deep love of air conditioning and very old ducted air conditioner)
    People home 4 days a week.

    1. Yes that 22% was low. I have changed this – and more. Thanks

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