Why one NASA scientist speaks out about climate change

Top NASA climate scientist, James Hansen, tells the story of his involvement in the science of and debate over global climate change.  He outlines the overwhelming evidence that change is happening and why that makes him deeply worried about the future.

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Crescent Dunes solar with storage is now on-line

The large scale Crescent Dunes solar tower with its thermal storage has successfully generated electricity at its full 110 MW capacity.  Now Crescent Dunes will begin full commercial operation to supply power for Nevada – day or night.

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The case for optimism on climate change: Al Gore TED talk

Gore discusses: (1) why climate action is needed, (2) what action can be taken, and (3) if action will be taken.  One key point is that the rapid and continuing drop in the costs of renewables means that renewable electricity is now becoming cheaper than fossil fuel electricity.

TED Talk: Al Gore: Feb 2016


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Murdoch press: Lame jests to belittle climate change

Why is the Murdoch media publishing muddle-headed toilet-humour ridiculing climate change?  Is this part of their plan for increasing community confusion about climate change?

Here is a letter published in the Melbourne Herald Sun: 11 Jan 2016

Different Climate:  Sometimes you can’t help but smile.  During a TV documentary I was watching recently, about recovering fossilised fish from an old lake bed, the host explained the fish became fossilised about 5 million years ago when the lake bed dried up die to climate change. Didn’t realise our influence stretched back that far, or it was all those dinosaurs exhaling hot air and breaking wind? (Name Printed: Launceston, Tasmania)

The Murdoch press makes out that climate change is not only false but a joke.

Episodes of climate change long ago were not caused by (1) the current industrial emissions of carbon dioxide, nor by (2) the breathing and farting of dinosaurs.  They were caused by things like periodic changes to the earth’s orbit.

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