Underwater Energy Storage

The world’s first underwater compressed air energy storage system is up and running – and is claimed to be one of the cheapest forms of energy storage available.  Located in Toronto Island, Canada; the system’s underwater air storage is located 2.5 km off the shore of Lake Ontario – one of the five Great Lakes of North America.

There is a good video describing how this works on the link

Excess electricity is used to compress air which is stored in balloons in deep water.  When electricity is needed the water pressure forces the air back to the surface where it drives a generator.

Hydrostor says:
.  The system stores and retrieves electricity losing only between 20 to 40 % of the power.
. The system is not polluting
.  A project such as the one in Toronto Island needs less than 2 years project lead time.
.  The expected lifespan of the system is over 30 years without efficiency loss.
.  the system is now commercially available, available in configurations from 5MW/ 30MWh up to more than 100MW/ 1,000MWh.

30 November 2015: Energy Matters

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