The coming electrification of everything

Stored electricity from renewable sources will replace fossil fuels as the way to power everything in our lives, from cars to scooters to boats to locomotives to industrial equipment.  This change will happen surprisingly fast because electrically powered things work better – and people want things that work better.  They work better in the moment of use, and better for our surroundings, our health, and the health of our planet.

** Electric cars
Cutting-edge electric cars today are better than their gas-powered counterparts. They are both safer and easier to maintain than conventional cars. No trips to the gas station, no oil changes; the bulk of upkeep lies in tires and windshield wiper fluid. They also perform on the road, with better acceleration, torque and responsiveness than their conventional counterparts. The big downside (and it’s a big one) of range verses cost will be overcome by multiple car companies in the coming years.

** Electric busses
We are developing in-city electric buses that are virtually silent, with zero emissions and the same simplified maintenance requirements that electric-car owners have come to appreciate. And adoption is relatively easy due to: defined bus routes, low speeds and designated charging stations.

** In the home
Induction cook-tops are widely considered to be better performing, more durable, and easier to maintain than gas-powered options.

Battery costs are plummeting and battery performance is improving … Companies from Facebook to Google to Apple to Amazon, the world’s largest companies are moving toward 100 percent renewable power. … Entire countries and states commit to moving closer to carbon-neutral

It is stupid and short-sighted to destroy our finite supply of fossil fuels by burning.  We should leave them in the ground to minimize carbon release or maximize their value for later use in plastics, fertilizers, etc.

Renew Economy: Andrew Beebe:  13 December 2015

Key Words: Climate Change, technology
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