Power Company to link 20 houses with solar panels, storage and smart control

A group of homes will, in effect, become a zero-emissions neighbourhood power plant.  PowerStream is Ontario’s second largest municipally owned electric utility, with 375,000 customers spread across 15 communities. It has begun an experiment with the so-called internet of energy.  Twenty residential properties in Toronto’s Richmond Hill neighbourhood will have solar panels and small battery systems installed. All 20 systems will be tied together and operated as a single system using batteries and software provided by Sunverge of San Francisco.

Customers will benefit from having access to stored electrical power in the event of a grid outage.  The system benefits by having control over all batteries and deciding how and when that stored energy can be used to support the local grid.  If we have a storm alert and know there’s a chance of trees falling on wires, with the click of a button we can tell all these battery systems to charge up because we may need them for backup later.

The software monitors and controls solar panels and batteries. It can also manage the home charging of electric vehicles and the operation of smart thermostats and other devices that are becoming part of the automated home.

Clean Technica: 24 Sep 2015

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