The Photovoltaic tiles look like roofing slates


A cottage in North Wales with solar photovoltaic tiles that look like ordinary roofing slates – to the extent that they are suitable for use on historic buildings in UK preservation areas.

The solar tiles are fully weatherproof, have no moving parts and require practically no maintenance. Best of all, the panels can be easily installed thanks to a ‘fit-and-forget’ process that requires no specialized training other than traditional roofing skills.

It is hoped that the slate panels will enable groups like The National Trust to reduce the carbon footprint of historical buildings and attractions.

Inhabitat: 9 July 2010

The photographed cottage is in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, in North Wales. It has been meticulously converted from a 200 year old farm building.

The cottage also has an underfloor heating system that draws its heat from underground using heat pumps.  The heat pumps run on electricity from the solar tiles.

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