Oil from algae farms

The vivid pink pools of Western Australia’s Hutt Lagoon are the world’s largest algae farm, where 740 hectares of algae ponds are used to produce the food supplement beta-carotene.


We can also make oil products using algae. Note, the oil we use to power our modern lives comes from living creatures such as algae – albeit ones that lived 3.5 billion years ago, before gradually morphing into fossil fuel. Commercial algae biofuel production is now a challenge of scale. The prize is phenomenal. Algae ponds covering an area the size of Sydney could satisfy the entire crude oil demand of Australia, which would do wonders for both sustainability and security of supply – currently, 82% of crude oil is imported.  We know that large-scale algae cultivation is achievable.  The main requirements for making algae biofuel are: lots of sunlight, plenty of space, and easy access to the sea. Australia is an algae gardener’s paradise.

Yet another technological possibility competing for development funds

The Conversation: 29 July 2015:
Bojan Tamburic
The University of Technology, Sydney

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