How to wipe out household energy bills in 9 steps

A new book “The Energy-Freedom Home” offers up-to-date information on how you can wipe out your electricity and gas bills in nine steps.

The book could really help the 50 % of Australians looking to renovate their homes over the next four years – with detailed, yet easy to comprehend, information on moving towards an energy-bill free home, and possibly saving around $2400 a year.

The book can become a resource, so when an appliance fails, or when there’s some money to spend on a renovation, solid information is there to help make an informed decision.

It’s not necessarily about being green, it’s about being smart with money, it’s about being comfortable in your home, and it’s about autonomy, being less reliant on the electricity and gas utilities.

You can take your own time with the book’s nine steps

  • Replacing old lights with LEDs
  • Stopping draughts
  • Improving insulation
  • Upgrading windows
  • Using energy-efficient appliances
  • Installing reverse-cycle air-conditioning
  • Using solar or heat-pump systems for water heating
  • Monitoring and controlling energy use, and
  • Switching to solar.

The book is part of Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) “Energy Freedom” initiative which has been running since 2014, giving home-owners easy-to-follow information on getting their homes bill-free and creating a community committed to the task.  As part of this BZE has taken the step to partner with organisations it thinks are creating good products: high quality, high efficiency products.

The Fifth Estate: 26 Aug 2015

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