Crescent Dunes solar with storage is now on-line

The large scale Crescent Dunes solar tower with its thermal storage has successfully generated electricity at its full 110 MW capacity.  Now Crescent Dunes will begin full commercial operation to supply power for Nevada – day or night.

Many mirrors all redirect sunlight onto molten salt in the central heating tower.  The salt is heated to 1,050°F and this hot molten salt can then be stored. When electricity is needed, the heat can be used to boil water to drive turbines and generate electricity. The molten salt cools to 500 degrees F while heating water and is then reheated in the heating tower.

The plant can generate solar electricity 24 hours a day, or on demand.

Renew Economy: Susan Kraemer: 23 Feb 2016

Key Words: Climate Change, renewables, technology
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