Construction begins on solar tower plant for farming near Port Augusta

Danish renewables developer Aalborg has begun construction of a custom built concentrated solar power tower system to supply, heat power and desalinated water for Adelaide-based sustainable agriculture outfit Sundrop Farms.

Sundrop Farms has successfully developed a prototype of its proprietary closed-loop farming system, growing tomatoes year-round in greenhouses using only sunlight and seawater.

The first phase of the project, a 51,500m² solar field consisting of more than 23,000 heliostats will be installed at the 20 hectare multi-greenhouse facility Sundrop has been developing in the South Australian desert, 15km south-east of Port Augusta.

Aalborg’s Integrated Energy System will be the first large-scale CSP-based technology in the world to provide multiple energy streams – heating, fresh water and electricity – for horticultural activities.

Renew Economy: Sophie Vorrath: 13 Oct 2015

Key Words: Climate Change, technology
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