Solar panels floating on a sewerage pond and powering it: South Australia

Solar panels powering sewerage

The sun will help treat waste water at Jamestown in South Australia, and brighten job prospects, with the launch of Australia’s first floating solar energy generation plant.  The installation is the first of a $12 million, 4 megawatt system … It floats on sewerage water …

When completed in the next few months, the system will also help power surrounding local communities and council buildings. … The floating solar installation will meet the energy needs of the treatment plant at a 15 per cent lower cost. … It will generate 57 per cent more power that land-based systems as this technology uses the water it floats on to cool to the panels and so avoid a gradual loss of output caused by overheating. … The technology is suitable for any body of water including drinking water and moving water bodies such as lakes. … It also conserves water by reducing evaporation by up to 90 per cent.  This would clearly benefit dry climate areas.

(Adelaide Advertiser: 29 April 2015)

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