Renewable energy will renew our economy

Malcolm Turnbull’s advocacy of a climate of innovation is long overdue, especially with the increasing risk of stranded assets from continuing investment in fossil fuels. Australian researchers in CSIRO and the universities have already contributed to innovations in solar energy and other technologies of the future, but these have mostly been taken up overseas.

Meanwhile we have largely failed to invest in renewable energy technology in Australia despite having the largest potential per capita of any country. Australian governments need to provide financial incentives to exploit these technologies, which include solar, wind, wave and tidal, and especially energy storage technologies that can allow us to export renewable energy via hydrogen, renewable ammonia manufacture, high voltage DC cables, or other technologies.  A rapid transition to non-polluting highly efficient technologies is long overdue. It will form the basis of a renewed economy both at home and for export earnings.

Barrie Pittock, Brighton East (Climate Scientist)
Letters to the Age: 3 Jan 2016

Key Words: Climate Change, transformation
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