New large solar power stations for Australia

Australia will get up to 10 new large solar power stations.

They could be similar to the largest solar farm in Australia, in Nyngan, NSW (see photo).  Nyngan is now fully operational and has been sending 102 MW of electricity to the national grid.

The new stations will result from an unprecedented $350 million tie-up between two major government renewable energy agencies.  (1) The Australian Renewable Energy Agency ARENA will offer grants of up to $30 million as part of its $100 million programme.  (2) The Clean Energy Finance Corporation CEFC will roll out a $250 million large-scale solar financing programme.

Some state governments have also signalled they may financially support bids for projects in their jurisdictions, through long term off-take agreements.  A central aim of the joint project was to bring down the cost of large-scale solar projects so that solar achieved cost parity with wind energy by 2020.

The Guardian: 9 Sep 2015

Key Words: renewables technology

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