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Australian Plans for Zero Emissions

The organisation Beyond Zero Emissions and the University of Melbourne’s Energy Research Institute have developed highly detailed plans for Australia to move to a zero carbon emissions economy.

Crescent Dunes Solar Thermal Power Station: Nevada USA
Crescent Dunes Solar Thermal Power Station: Nevada USA


Australia as a renewable energy super power

Australia has the potential to become a renewable energy super-power.  Our coal exports could be replaced by exporting energy drawn from our renewable sources. We would save billions of dollars by avoiding imports of fossil fuels.
Renewable Energy Superpower Plan

The Beyond Zero Emissions plans tackle each sector of the Australian economy: the energy sector, the buildings sector, the land use sector,  the transport sector,  the industry sector and the  export sector.

Principles Guiding these Plans

  • Climate change is happening
  • Humans must tackle climate change
  • Decarbonise the Australian economy
  • Provide Australia’s energy entirely from renewable sources
  • Use only technology that is proven and commercially available

The plans will maintain or enhance:

  • The current high living standard in Australia
  • The security and reliability of Australia’s energy
  • Food and water security
  • Our natural environment

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