Climate change and our food supply: Climate Council Report

Australian Climate Council Report: Oct 2015:

There is no room for complacency in planning for our future food security.  Climate change could well affect:
. food price volatility
. food availability volatility
. the economies and social fabric of communities reliant on agriculture.

Australia is one of only a handful of countries that produces more food than it consumes and most Australians have access to an abundant and safe food supply. But Australia is also considered one of the most vulnerable developed countries in the world to impacts of the changing climate.

Rising temperatures, increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, and declining water availability in some of our most important agricultural regions pose significant risks for the nature, distribution, quality, and affordability of our food supply.   At the same time, the Australian and global population continues to grow, competition for arable land continues to intensify, and our natural resource base continues to degrade, placing ever-increasing demands on food production systems.

At the time of writing, many regions of Australia have been drought declared, including 80% of Queensland, the largest ever area officially recognised as being in drought. Further, the Bureau of meteorology has just declared the beginning of an el Niño event, which brings with it an increased chance of warmer and drier conditions to some of our most important agricultural regions.

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