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It is now September 2018.

An Australian Federal election is due in or before May 2019.  A Victorian State is due this year.

The Liberal and National Parties have set aside even the pretence of action on climate change.  They say their top priority is reducing the cost of electricity, however, their efforts to keep coal electricity production, and even to fund new coal electricity generation, would only increase prices.  Renewable electricity is now the cheap source of electricity and these costs are dropping rapidly.

The South Australian Liberals alone seem to have realised the benefit of renewables and are not opposing the rush towards renewables in that state.

In Victoria, the Liberals seem to be following the Federal Liberals in resisting any move towards renewables.  Labor has a number of good policies, mixed with strange continuing support for fossil fuels, like funding efforts to turn brown cola into hydrogen.

**** Peter Gardner

Peter Gardner has stood as a climate emergency candidate in several Federal, State and local government elections.  Now he is continuing his activism on his website and on social media.





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