Hottest year on record 2015: Second hottest 2014

Global Temperatures 1880 - 2015 (NOAA)

Global Temperatures 1880 – 2015 (NOAA)

  • The 2015 global temperature smashed the record
  • That record was only set last year in 2014.
  • Global temperature in 2015 was 1.13°C above the 1880-1920 baseline.
  • This exceeds the previous record, set last year in 2014, by a gob-smacking margin of 0.16°C.
  • 2015 is Earth’s warmest year by the widest margin on record. (NOAA)
  • You can see the 2015 temperature soaring above the record 20154 temperature on the NOAA temperature graph.  It is the right-most red vertical line on the graph.
  • Accounting for annual variability, it is fair to say that global warming has now reached 1°C above 1880-1920 baseline.
  • El Nino only made a “small contribution” (25%) to the record heat.
  • 2016 is likely to be at least as warm, if not warmer than 2015 (UK Met Office)
  • December 2015 was the hottest December on record, blowing out the previous December record, set in 2014, by a staggering 0.29°C.

Carbon Brief analysis of the UK Met Office, NOAA and NASA announcements about 2015 global temperature.

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