Exxon knew about climate risk by 1978 and financed climate deception

Internal Exxon memos recently brought to light through  meticulous investigative reporting by Inside Climate News (ICN) show that senior company executives knew by 1978 that emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels posed significant risks of disrupting the climate.

Over the decade before NASA scientist James Hansen’s 1988 testimony before Congress made the evidence of global warming front page news , Exxon invested in understanding the problem and learned that fossil fuel emissions could drive  potentially catastrophic climate impacts . Exxon executives heard advice from their own scientists to take a leadership role in addressing it.

They firmly rejected this advice. Instead, Exxon (later, ExxonMobil, which formed in 1998) financed and engaged in a decades-long industry campaign of doubt-mongering about the scientific evidence of climate change in order to avoid regulation of their products.

Renew Economy: 12 Oct 2015: Peter Frumhoff

Key Words: Climate Change, Denial
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