Wind turbines are not noisy

[The PM says wind turbines make a lot of noise.]  Well a year-long study by the National Health and Medical Research Council, ordered by the Abbott government itself found that the noise levels from a distance of 500 metres from a wind turbine “were generally less than 45 decibels”. (Under current regulations, a turbine can’t be constructed less than 500 metres from a dwelling.) …  The twittering of birds equates to 45 decibels.   You likely hear 40 decibels in a library or a quiet suburban home. .. 70 decibels is around the sound of your TV or radio. Fifty decibels is what you’d expect to hear as background noise in a quiet suburb, or during a conversation in your lounge room.

[The PM says wind turbines are potentially harmful to health.] Well the same study found “no direct evidence that exposure to wind farm noise affects physical or mental health”.

[The PM says wind turbines are visually awful. Well that is a matter of taste. He may prefer coal pits.]

(The Age: Tony Wright: , 13 June 2015)

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