Vanstone: Abbott attacking our Westminster system

Amanda Vanstone, former Liberal party cabinet minister writes about revoking citizenship: Tony Abbott is a constitutional monarchist and a self-confessed Anglophile, so for him to tolerate, let alone be at the helm of, a ship that throws the Westminster system of cabinet government out the window is simply astounding. The public will not long tolerate people who say one thing and do another. What we’ve seen detailed in the media in recent days was not a minor policy issue escaping proper process, but a fundamental issue as to your and my liberty almost escaping any discussion at all. … [It is not alright for] a minister alone to take away a citizen’s rights – indeed, take away citizenship – in the blink of an eye. No appeal, no judicial process, just a ministerial decision. What were they thinking? … There’s nothing new and therefore sudden about dealing with terrorism that justifies this suggestion not going through proper cabinet process.
(The Age: Amanda Vanstone: 8 June 2105)

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