The biggest 24 hour solar plant begins generation May 2015

The world’s first large scale solar tower and storage facility is scheduled to start electricity production within the next two weeks, with full commercial production due to begin in July 2015. 
The US company, Solar Reserve, is currently putting the finishing touches to the 110MW Crescent Dunes solar tower and storage plant in Tonopah, Nevada. With 10 hours of storage, it will deliver a block of power each day to service Las Vegas between noon and until 12am or 2am.  It is the first of three such projects that is expected to kick-start a move to large scale solar projects that – because of storage – can act as baseload power plants or as peaking power plants which responding to changes in demand or supply.  The other two plants to be built are in South Africa and Chile.

Renew Economy: 14 May 2015

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