Shorten goes for 50% renewables

Labor leader Bill Shorten, in his speech to the ALP National Conference,  appears to have rediscovered his and the party’s climate change mojo – promising an emissions trading scheme, a 50 per cent renewable energy target, and slamming Tony Abbott’s society of “flat Earthers”.

Shorten said:

  • Creating the jobs of the future, guaranteeing long-term prosperity, ensuring Australia competes in the world must begin with tackling climate change.
  • Fourteen of the fifteen warmest years on record have fallen in this century.
  • 2014 was the warmest year in recorded history.
  • The evidence is in, the science is settled.
  • Climate change is not ‘absolute crap’, it is an inescapable fact.
  • And if we take a do-nothing approach, there will be more extreme weather.
  • More severe storms, more aggressive fires, more dangerous floods, longer and more damaging droughts.
  • Our farmers will face greater hardship.
  • Our coastal homes will be invaded by rising seas.
  • The infrastructure cost will be hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • We can rebuild flooded cities once every century.
  • We can rebuild fire-ravaged bushland every half-century.
  • But we cannot do it every decade.
  • This is not a price the next generation of Australians should have to pay because of this delinquent government.
  • Climate change is an economic and environmental cancer – and it demands early intervention.
  • xthis is no longer a question of Australia leading the world – it is a matter of keeping up.
  • If the world’s biggest capitalist nation [USA], and the world’s biggest planned economy [China] can agree climate change is a priority- it’s time Australia did so too.

    Renew Economy: Giles Parkinson: 24 July 2015

    Key Words: OzPolitics

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