Perhaps Turnbull can depoliticise the climate debate in Australia

If a Coalition government can take leadership on climate, we might be able to break out of the mess we are in and move to effective action on climate.

After barely two weeks in office, the direction the Turnbull government is likely to take on climate is beginning to emerge. Remembering that Turnbull would not have had the numbers for a spill without pandering to the radical conservatives … we should not expect Turnbull to overcome his personal hypocrisy on climate soon.  Yet there are signs that Turnbull is slowly turning around the ship on climate. First, the future of both the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency has been secured by their move to the Department of Environment. Wind power is open for business again, as Environment Minister Greg Hunt confirmed a change of focus in favour of renewables and public transport.

Whenever Labor and the Greens do anything on climate, the tabloid media ramps up an attack like, “well of course they are going to say that” – after all, environmentalism is socialism in disguise, as Abbott once put it.

The Conversation: 1 Oct 2015

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