Hewson: We need to reform electoral funding and lobbying.

John Hewson: On the pub test, many are concerned that we have “the best government money can buy”.  Whether it’s the “Independent Commission Against Corruption” hearings in New South Wales, individual politicians caught with their hands out, dubious council planning decisions, “corrupted” infrastructure projects, big miners being able to neuter the mining tax, or big polluters being able to influence both major parties, the evidence is mounting. …

This evidence paints a picture of conspicuous serial abuse of the political donation rules, and of undue influence on governments at all levels – federal, state and local.  This is increasingly attributable to poor rules and/or poor enforcement in relation to political donations, campaign funding and lobbying, compounded by a lack of transparency and accountability.

It is not enough to just clean up electoral funding.  Lobbying and influence peddling also needs substantial reform.

Sydney Morning Herald: John Hewson: 27 July 2015

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