Abbott funds contrarian research

The Climate Council writes:

The Australian Government today announced they would contribute $4m for Danish climate contrarian Bjorn Lomborg to establish a new “consensus centre” at the University of Western Australia.  In the face of deep cuts to the CSIRO and other scientific research organisations, it’s an insult to Australia’s scientific community.

As the Climate Commission, we were abolished by the Abbott Government in 2013 on the basis that our $1.5 million annual operating costs were too expensive. We relaunched as the Climate Council after thousands of Australians chipped in to the nation’s biggest crowd-funding campaign – remember this video?

It seems extraordinary that the Climate Commission, which was composed of Australia’s best climate scientists, economists and energy experts, was abolished on the basis of a lack of funding and yet here we are three years later and the money has become available to import a politically-motivated think tank to work in the same space.

Mr Lomborg’s views have no credibility in the scientific community. His message hasn’t varied at all in the last decade and he still believes we shouldn’t take any steps to mitigate climate change. When someone is unwilling to adapt their view on the basis of new science or information, it’s usually a sign those views are politically motivated.

*** The Guardian article on the same topic:
“Scientists have accused Lomborg of cherrypicking data to support his claims. In 2003, a Danish government committee comprised of scientists found him guilty of “scientific dishonesty,” concluding that his one-sided choice of data shows him to have “clearly acted at variance with good scientific practice.” Author and media critic Howard Friel, who fact-checked the arguments in Lomborg’s books “The Skeptical Environmenalist” and “Cool It”, went even further, calling Lomborg “a performance artist disguised as an academic.”

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