Emissions trading will delay climate action

The ALP intends to take an emissions trading scheme to the election – but emissions trading is highly flawed.  We know how Australia could drastically slash emissions: Beyond Zero Emissions has produced detailed plans for this. We need regulations that force:
. increased renewable energy generation
. increased energy efficiency in, e.g. cars and houses, and
. low emission limits for the generation of electricity to force the closure of the dirtiest generators. Despite decades of climate change policies, little has changed. Fossil fuels still dominate, providing 86% of Australia’s electricity, and 97% of transport fuels. Wind and solar provide just 6.3% of our electricity. Australia’s energy efficiency record is appalling compared with other developed countries. The main success story is that fridges have become much more efficient, because of mandatory standards. Indeed, electricity savings from more efficient fridges exceed the total electricity generated by Australia’s 1.5 million household solar PV systems. And fridges are just one appliance.

. We do not need neoliberal market mechanisms such as emissions trading.
. The Gillard government’s carbon price achieved virtually nothing except to advantage the profits of hydro power stations. It also derailed energy efficiency.
. Emissions trading will allow significant emissions reductions via international carbon credits. Australia must slash its own emissions, and stop outsourcing our responsibility to developing countries.
. We still have no evidence that emissions-trading works. There is evidence that it delays effective action.

Green Left: Andrew Bunting: 18 July 2015

How to really fight climate change

If the business lobby and the conservative side of politics are never going to embrace market mechanisms to tackle climate change then let’s stop pandering to them and go back to banning stuff, as we have already done with lad clearing bans introduced by Howard and banning incandescent light bulbs.

Crikey: Paddy Manning: 11 August 2014

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