Could the solar vote be Abbott’s undoing?

Half the voters in the marginal WA seat of Canning have solar photovoltaic panels or solar hot water, the other half want to slash their power bills with solar. So Tony Abbott’s reputation as the most radical, anti-solar Prime Minister in Australia’s history will not go down well with Canning voters in the coming by-election. The Australian Solar Council is urging voters to Save Money, and Save Solar, by putting the Liberal Party last.

The broader plan is to ignite a nation-wide debate on renewable energy, increasing the pressure on an increasingly unpopular, coal-loving Prime Minister.  Tony Abbott’s recent comment that Australia has ‘more than enough’ renewable energy stands in stark contrast with Labor’s commitment to at least 50 per cent renewables by 2030 and the Greens’ pledge for even stronger renewables targets.

The by-election follows the death of the Liberal sitting member.  Canning is a marginal seat incorporating south-east metropolitan Perth and rural areas in the east and south.

New Economy: Sophie Vorrath: 17 August 2015

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