Coalition bullies businesses that support climate action

The former head of the powerful National Australia Bank, Cameron Clyne, has attacked the “wilful ignorance and blindness” of political leaders and some sections of the business community on climate change. And he warns that many in business are afraid to speak up because “you put your head out there and it’s going to get smashed off”.

He said business leaders “overwhelmingly” share his conviction that Australia should move to a market-based carbon trading scheme but fear speaking out because they feel “this particular government is pretty hostile to criticism … they feel the distraction of getting up the government’s nose is simply not worth it, and becomes a huge distraction from them running their business. A lot of them are lamenting the lack of clarity on energy policy,” he said.

“They feel there is an enormous amount of investment [in renewables] that’s not flowing to Australia because of the lack of certainty around energy policy.”

The speed of the renewables revolution is “staggering”, he says, and it would be “economically reckless” for Australia to remain largely coal-reliant

Sydney Morning Herald: 2 August 2015

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