Australia missing the global renewable energy boom

Investment and jobs in renewable energy have surged internationally. Clean energy investment grew in China (32%), the US (8%), Japan (12%), Germany (3%) and the UK (3%) in 2014. Whilst in Australia, investment fell 35% due to policy uncertainty.  In Australia investment in large-scale renewable energy fell 88%!   Globally, renewable energy is now cost-comparative or cheaper than fossil fuels for generating electricity, and the cost of wind and solar in particular is projected to continue to fall steeply.

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 Green Energy Investments Worldwide Surge 17%

Renewables Re-energized: The year 2014 brought a rebound of green energy investments worldwide with a surge of a solid 17% to $270 Billion. Brushing aside the challenge of sharply lower crude oil prices this sudden increase reversed the investment dip of the past two years and was mainly driven by investments in solar and wind energy.
(United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Report “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2015”.)
(You can download the 16 page summary – or register for free to download the 86 page report)            (Broken link)

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