One experienced climate scientist’s suggestions to PM Abbott

Having advised 3 prime ministers, scientist Dr Graeme Pearman would suggest to Tony Abbott that he:

  • Listen to real experts, scientists, economists and engineers, and Academies about options
  • Listen to the real trend occurring overseas in particularly with respect to energy sourcing and application options
  • Look beyond the term of the current Government
  • Think strategically, and
  • See [climate change] as an opportunity rather than a negative.

Pearman knows more than most about the responsibilities and the perils that come with communicating climate change to the highest authorities.  As one of Australia’s highest ranking government scientists, he was asked into the offices of three consecutive Australian Prime Ministers to brief them on climate change.

  • In the late 1980s, it was Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke
  • In the 1990s, it was Hawke’s Labor successor Paul Keating
  • As the decade wore on, it was the conservative Liberal Prime Minister John Howard.Pearman was a senior scientist in the Atmospheric Research division of the CSIRO — the nation’s top government science and research organisation. … He is no longer at the CSIRO. He ended his 33-year stint with the agency in 2004 —resigning after a period when, he has said, he was being internally censored over his views on climate change.

    Independent Australia: Graham Readfearn: 20 August 2015,8072

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