Australian 2012/13 summer: record heat

The Australian summer of 2012/13 was, at that time, the hottest on record.    Record summer heat has also been recorded in South Africa, South America & USA.
(The Conversation, 1 March 2013) 

What’s causing Australia’s record breaking heat wave?
(The Conversation: 18 January 2013)
The six months (October 2012 to March 2013) have been characterised by sequences of heat waves and record temperatures across the entire Australian region:

  • Melbourne’s longest recorded period with maxima above 32 C: 9 days
  • This record occurred in March, which is in Autumn, not Summer as might be expected.
  • Australia’s Summer 2012/13 has been the hottest summer on record
  • January 2013 was Australia’s hottest month on record
  • January 7 was Australia’s hottest day ever recorded

“Preliminary research results indicate that anthropogenic climate change more than tripled the risk of Australia’s extremely hot summer occurring. … It is time to stop talking about record-breaking heat as isolated incidents and recognise them in the context of climate change.  It’s time to start preparing for more angry summers, more frequently.”
(The Conversation: 28 March 2013)

A prolonged heatwave affected southeast Australia between 2 and 13 March 2013, breaking numerous records, especially for the duration of persistent hot days and nights.  The event followed Australia’s hottest month on record in January, and warmest summer on record from December 2012 to February 2013.  The oceans surrounding Australia were similarly exceptionally warm, with sea surface temperatures also posting their hottest month on record in February, and warmest summer on record.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology:
Special Climate Statement 45, 15 March 2013

Australian Climate Commission report “The Angry Summer”

Australia enters new climatic territory: Climate Commission –
Interview with Prof Tim Flannery

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