Climate Newsletter: 29 April 2019

The heroic Bob Brown continues to lead the Anti-Adani convoy which is now in Central Queensland, though not getting the warmest of welcomes from pro-coal mining demonstrators who wrongly believe there will be thousands of jobs awaiting them at the mine. Bob and the convoy gets to Canberra Sunday so come and join us!

Don’t forget!

WHAT: Vote Climate Rally
WHEN: 10:30am, Sunday 5 May
WHERE: Lawns of Parliament House, Canberra

And on the Friday before on May 3, students are striking outside MPs’ offices. 10 reasons to join their May 3 #ClimateElection National Day of Action next Friday

Meanwhile, the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has announced its climate election scorecard. Based on 50 questions such as position on renewable energy and attitude to coal, “the Coalition comes in at a lowly 4 per cent while the Greens top the table with 99 per cent. Labor then takes the middle ground with a 56 per cent ranking.” Labor obviously dropped points because of its pro-gas (fracking) policy for northern Australia.

In Eden-Monaro, there are eight candidates and the CAM Committee will be putting questions to them all shortly.

The Australia Institute has produced a report that finds more than two thirds of Australians support a rapid transition to renewable energy and other ambitious climate policies.

The Australian Forests and Climate Alliance this week commenced distribution to over a thousand scientists and academics across Australia requesting endorsement of a proposal which begins: “The industrial logging of native forests and woodlands and the use of forest biomass as a fossil fuel substitute is disastrous for climate and biodiversity and should end, immediately.” See attached.

The Extinction Rebellion in the UK and now elsewhere continues with over 1000 arrested in London alone. The UK Labour Party has (albeit belatedly) supported it.

Newsletter by Jenny Goldie
President Climate Action Monaro

US Southeast Atlantic coast facing high threat of sea-level rise in the next 10 years

New research shows 75% of the Atlantic coast from North Carolina to central Florida will be highly vulnerable to erosion and inundation from rising tides by 2030, negatively impacting many coastal species’ nesting habitats.

Labor accused of refashioning NAIF into gas fuelled “carbon disaster”

Federal Labor’s pledge to spend up to $1.5 billion unlocking gas supply in Queensland and the Northern Territory has angered green groups, and blurred the lines between Bill Shorten’s apparently climate-forward policies and those of Scott Morrison’s climate-denying Coalition.

India’s solar power capacity addition to grow 15 per cent to 7,500 Mw this fiscal

By contrast, last financial year’s solar capacity addition is estimated to have remained subdued in a range between 6,000 Mw and 6,500 Mw because of weak trend in award of solar projects in calendar year 2017

When should you freak out about climate change? Right now.

Author Bill McKibben makes the case against calm.

‘No question it could be done’: Tesla chief Elon Musk says Labor’s EV plan is actually behind the times

Tesla’s founder Elon Musk decided to involve himself in the Twitter backlash about electric car policy in Australia.

Cheap political shots are working against the national interest

John Hewson

When it is your uncle, or Doomsday Daryl in the lunchroom, that touts conservative mistruths about technical developments, you might be willing to do an internal eye roll and just let it be. But when it is the Prime Minister, it is somewhat more concerning.

Renewables clearly the answer as Bob Brown marches on Adani mine

Giles Parkinson

Another major report has underlined the case for renewable energy to provide the lowest cost, most sustainable solution for Australia’s energy needs – noting that fossil fuels are still heavily subsidised while renewables need little more than policy certainty and guidance.

Business leaders call on Shorten to disclose Adani stance

Business leaders are urging Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to state his position on the Adani coal mine, amid conflicting statements by Labor candidates in marginal seats in Queensland and Melbourne.

Our leaders are ignoring global warming to the point of criminal negligence. It’s unforgivable

Tim Winton

Humanity survived the cold war because no one pushed the button. On climate change, the button has been pushed again and again

Briefing notes show Coalition approved Adani water plan despite knowing of risk

Company rejected scientific advice its groundwater modelling was ‘not fit for purpose’

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