Climate Newsletter 8 Oct 2018

This bulletin is a bit late, largely because I held off for the release of the IPCC report on 1.5oC warming today.

Basically, the report says that if we are not to exceed 1.5oC warming over pre-industrial levels, it ‘will require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’. With global emissions needing to fall by 45% on 2010 levels by 2030, the clear message is that we have to move away from fossil fuels, particularly coal.

The IPCC report, while seemingly dire, isn’t quite dire enough according to some. For instance, it says we will reach 1.5oC warming by 2040. Melbourne climate scientists, however, say it is more likely in about a decade (2026-2031).

I gather from the Canberra Times today that Australian officials tried to remove this call to phase out coal when the summary was being prepared. The Minister for Environment, Melissa Price, denies this. This is the person who for weeks sat on the report about Australian emissions still rising, only to release it late in the day before Grand Final weekend, so her credibility leaves something to be desired.

Not that Minister Price is necessarily the worst in this government. Take the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, for instance who on Monday said he would not to spend money on climate conferences and “all that nonsense.” Or backbencher Craig Kelly who said: “The climate was always dangerous. We didn’t make it dangerous, [and] it’s fossil fuels that protect us from that climate.” Spare us.

No surprise then, that the CEO of the European Climate Foundation, the respected French diplomat and economist Ms Laurence Tubiana, came to town and said the government’s failure to act on greenhouse gas emissions was ‘anti-science’.

While 1.5oC will be a lot better – both environmentally and socially – than 2oC, nevertheless, it is apparent that even 1.5oC warming is unacceptable given its effect on all coral reefs, but particularly the Great Barrier Reef. It will still lead to inundation of coral atolls and major deltas, and cause a loss in food production. Have a look at the graph at the end of the media release. Without radical action, we are heading for 3 or 4 degrees warming.

The Wentworth by-election will be on 20 October and, should the Liberals lose, the government will lose its majority. A possible winner in Wentworth, former AMA president, Dr Kerryn Phelps, is fairly strong on climate action. She opposes Adani and would ban political donations from fossil-fuel companies. Meanwhile ALP candidate Tim Murray commendably favours a carbon price.

The same day, I shall be representing CAM at the Nature Conservation Council annual conference in Sydney and speaking to the three motions we have put forward. These relate to the separation of Energy and Environment portfolios, Energy Minister Angus Taylor refusing to accept emissions reduction in his brief, and calling on the ALP to make climate an election issue.

CAM participated in two demos in the last week or so: at Tathra making a human sign, and on Friday, bearing sunflowers, outside John Barilaro’s Queanbeyan office calling for a shift to renewable energy.

Finally, if you need a laugh, you may enjoy this First Dog on the Moon cartoon.

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Newsletter from Jenny Goldie
President Climate Action Monaro

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