Six oil companies are calling for a global carbon pricing system

In June 2015, six large European oil companies – BP, Shell, Statoil, Total, BG and Eni – called for an international price on carbon. Citing a desire to reduce business uncertainty, the companies asked world governments and December’s UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris, for country-by-country carbon prices and a framework to link them into a global system.

Whatever the motives of the oil companies, when such big polluters are willing to put a price on their emissions – a practice that could cost them significantly more to do business – it’s a big deal.

The fact that some oil companies are taking this stance could prevent companies opposing a price on carbon from claiming to represent the entire industry. A year ago, such a move appeared impossible. If the European companies’ proposal receives strong support before and during the UN climate conference, it could result in a much bigger change than what might otherwise result from the summit. Source, date

The Guardian: 23 Sep 2015
(Daily Climate dot org – this article now a broken link)

Shell CEO says carbon price needed

Shell’s global chief executive says an effective carbon price is needed to tackle climate change, whether through a trading or tax system.  This is discussed 7 minutes into the interview video.

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