One third of coal workforce lost in last 18 months

Green’s Leader: Richard di Natale:
National Press Club: Wed 30 Oct 2015

. A great bulk of coal mines are operating at a loss.
. Many are closing down
. A massive one-third of the coal workforce has been lost in the last 18 months
. Yes, one-third of the coal workforce has been lost over the past 18 months.

And now the Government wants to blame environmentalists for this.  But this is due to the decisions of coal companies and their executives and governments who have failed to understand the declining markets are costing us those jobs . We’re now seeing coal mines sold for $1 to avoid remediation costs and the hardest hit from all of this would be those coal workers who are thrown out of work. We’ve got State governments who are deeply exposed by holding grossly inadequate bonds that are sup[posed to cover the cost of rehabilitating the mines. And we know that the public purse will end up covering these rehabilitation costs

Sadly, the national wealth that came with the past two mining booms has made our leaders lazy … The world’s appetite for our resources saw a huge rush of capital pour in. It inflated our dollar, it hollowed out and tossed aside other export industries [like car manufacturing] and we’re now left with a narrow range of exports, leaving us vulnerable. The end of the mining boom should focus our minds more than ever on what comes next, but as yet, our leaders have no plan.

But despite the attacks on the clean energy economy, our clean energy businesses are pushing through. We’re now exporting solar inverters to Germany. We’re at the cutting edge of new battery technology. Car parts manufacturers like Excel which of has been rocked by the closure of the car industry is now building infrastructure for solar farms.

Renew Economy: 1 Oct 2015

Key Words: Climate Change, Fossil Fuels
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