Video: Naomi Klein Talk at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Here is a video of Naomi Klein’s talk “Capitalism and the Climate” at the Festival of Dangerous ideas.

Climate change is a big enough problem, why make this about capitalism too? An analysis of power shows that this is about capitalism and that we cannot tackle climate change without questioning capitalism.  If we are to keep global warming to less than the 2 C temperature target, a target that governments like the Abbott government seem to accept, we can only burn 20% of the current proven fossil fuel reserves. Yet the fossil fuel companies are still spending billions of dollars on exploration for new reserves.  This is a business model that is incompatible with human existence on the planet. These fossil fuel companies survival rests on the extraction of these reserves to gain trillions of dollars and they will fight tooth and nail for this.

When you are in a hole, stop digging.  No more coal mines.

Naomi Klein: 5 Sep 2015

Key Words: Climate

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