Safe batteries using salt water available in Australia

Aquion Hybrid Ion (AHI) batteries run off salt water.  They are imported from the US and available in Australia.  The raw materials are not toxic – and are abundant

The Aqion batteries have a long life as they can be:

  • Charged and discharged (cycled) 3,000 times compared with under 1,000 cycles for lead-acid batteries.
  • Fully discharged without ill effect.  Most batteries cannot be fully discharged as if they discharged to below 60% of their full charge, they stop being able hold charge.

The inherently safe chemistry of AHI batteries require:

  • No maintenance,
  • Little thermal management
  • No toxic gases or ventilation needed
  • If there was a fire, the plastic battery case might melt and the salt water be released, which would damp or extinguish the fire
  • No concern about disposing of these batteries

Solar Quotes about these batteries

Beyond Zero Emissions radio program
Interview with the CEO of Ampetus, Avrohom Jacks.

Ampetus Energy did sell these batteries in Australia.

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