Crescent Dunes Solar Thermal Power Station: Nevada USA

China: Beware the green dragon not the red one

Why are the democracies allowing China, a totalitarian state, to gain world dominance by becoming the renewable energy superpower.

“… blind ideological adherence to the coal, gas and oil industries and climate-change denial is handing to China on a plate world dominance in the one thing that really matters when it comes to empire building in the industrial and post-industrial world – energy.

Look at the history. The British empire was built on coal. The American empire was built on oil. Both were sustained by taking their soft and hard power beyond their boundaries, but the control of vast amounts of energy was the key.

So why now is the US (and Australia on its coat-tails) ideologically clinging to last century’s energy sources and technology while being blind to China’s embraces of this century’s energy sources? How dumb are we?”

Crispin Hull: 5 March 2018

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